Why Exteco


Limiting any influence.
Exact numbers.
Visible data during optimization process.

Individual approach

Knowledge of client’s issues.
In-depth analysis of requirements.
Technical and procedural experience.

Professional approach

Clearly defined procedures.
Professional approach to suppliers.

Only motivation - your savings

Our remuneration is directly linked to the savings.
Limiting any external interference.

Unique procedures

ASIR method.
PSS principle.

Issue specialized

Specialization in purchasing.
Optimization of purchase costs.
Optimization of purchase process.

Thorough documentation

Precisely documented processes.
Complete documentation of each commodity.
Transparent reports on savings.

Worldwide database of suppliers

Updated in real time.
Verify the reliability of suppliers.
Open access.


Our well-established principle PSS focus on three fundamental needs of every company.


We focus on the product purchase and together with your employees optimise its role for your company's current and future needs.


Your potential supplier has to be the most beneficial for your company especially in the competitive environment of the market.


We'll help you set the best and the most effective purchasing system for your company's cash-flow.


Analysis Strategy Implementation Result


Detailed analysis of the original state.
Optimization plan based on company structure.
Creation of product maps.


Confirmation of optimization conditions.
System settings according to supply maps.


Structure of the supplier portfolio.
Specification and alternation of commodities.
Execution of a procurement optimization.
Ideal supply maps design.


Supply maps.
Declaration of savings.
Design proposal of a cyclical plan of optimization.